The Bandanas That Give Back to Charity


Hi! My name is Chelsea and I run Jade Paws Boutique, a fun and stylish brand for pet bandanas!

I believe that we should do as much good as we can on this planet, that's why I have teamed up with '9 Lives 1 Hope', a cat charity focused on TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and saving stray cats across the globe. 

Through your purchases, 15% of the profits go to 9 Lives 1 Hope to aid them in their goals so you can feel good knowing that what you have bought has helped cats that aren't so lucky to have loving owners and need our help through donations. 

On top of that, I have recently been working on eco-packaging which means everything your bandanas is sent in is totally recyclable. I also order fabric from a country that plants a tree for every order made.

So every time you order a bandana, you are helping to: save many stray cats' lives, share in a part of planting a forest for many wild animals and ecosystems to live, and support a brand that leaves no waste that will end in landfill. 

You can check out the cat charity 9 Lives 1 Hope at and keep up to date with how your purchases has helped them do all they can to help cats across the world.

I hope you find something you like in this shop and don't forget to look out for our model searches if you think your pet has that flare I often look for to promote the brand!



Chelsea and Theo (@oneeyedtheo)

Jade Paws Boutique